What's all this here malarky?

Come closer my friends...Into the world of the strange

Hi My name is Gombo. I am owner and creator of the concept of Punk Octopus. A creative collection of people and ideas.

Who is this man? Why does he have a false beard on his head?...

When I was a lad. (Many moons ago in the 1970's I loved printed T Shirts. My mum used to buy them from Marks & Tesco. Let's all go to Tesco, where Gombo get's his best clothes la la la la...Repeat to fade. As I grew up I wanted something else on my T shirts to express what I felt and what I liked. This humble peice of clothing began to become an extension of who I was and what I stood for!

The problem was nobody seemed to be producing anything I wanted...

I wore T shirts of my favourite bands and films, but I could never quite find the designs I was looking for. Something bizzarre, that nobody was wearing. 

Something that people would look at and say, that's proper strange and 3 people would look at and think. I am digging that scene, baby!

So I decided to start producing my own and those 3 people dug my scene.

I started putting strange, quotes from TV shows, logos of bands that never really made it.

It got people looking, talking and laughing.

So I got busy with the fizzy and got printing.

Others seem to like my things , so I did designs for them. Who does not want a Jimmy the Hoover T shirt?

But I am just one man and my ideas were very personal and not everyone likes Retro gaming and silly old bands of years ago.

My mind was set on finding like minded creatives to join my merry troop.

A quest to find those bonkers individuals who have that old punk attitude and a flair for design.

So I set up Punk Octopus to find them.

The idea being that we would go on a quest to design a range of products that would make people sit up, take notice and laugh.

If you think you are one of those nutters, why not come and join us.

Submit a design and we can turn it into wall art or a t shirt.

Or if you want you could design a whole T shirt range of your own!

My dream is to get people together have a laugh & make some stuff.

So come join us...You know it makes sense!