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Viva la Revolution

Do you have a great idea for a T shirt...Got a mate who has said something funny! An in joke only you, 4 of your mates and Kev's dog Bonzo understand?

Don't just get it off your chest, put it on your chest.

So send us your idea, it does not matter if you draw like a chimp with mittens we can design it for you.

If you can hold a crayon and can draw a bit, even better! Send us your design and we can make it into T shirt or wall art reality!!

If you have been to design college and are a dab hand with a computer, we really need to talk!

So go to the submit a design page and contact me.

You can submit you designs as just text, we can design it for you add some graphics. It's fun for all the family.

If you can draw, sweet!

Send us an email, we reply (As we always do, we are very polite here). Then send in your fantastic art work.

Any format is good.

Jpeg, BMP, PNG, GIF, scanned documents, parchment, cave drawings...

If you are into designing things on a computer (If you have designed it on a ZX81,  you are speaking my language, probably Sinclair basic).

Send in a design as an Adobe illustrator of Corel draw file.

The bigger and clearer the image the better!

If we like your design, we can host it for you and sell it in the shop and for every one we sell you will get a cut of the profit. Simples!

There are few things about the designs folks.

No rascism

No homophobic slogans

No anti anything

No really naughty words, that could get me or you arrested.

We are all here on this earth together and there is no need to be derogatory to anyone.

So put on your thinking bobble hats and get creative.

Submit a design

Send us an email

Show us your art and we will cut it

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